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what we do

we're great at finding & securing the best venue for your meeting or event regardless of size, complexity, budget or location as we book hundreds of events into hotels & non-hotel venues every year, our relationship and buying-power with our extensive list of suppliers around the country is excellent. we're totally impartial and work with all venues.
best of all we charge you zero for our service & the research and negotiations with venues can be lengthy & time-consuming. we do all that for you, saving you both time, money and energy!

about us

working out of offices in leeds and harrogate, we act quickly to produce our user-friendly proposals to meet your brief and budget. we also spend a lot of time visiting venues to maintain our awareness of new openings & property refurbishments, both around the country and internationally
our careers include international sales & marketing roles for major hotel chains with positions in europe & the united states. additionally, we've both undertaken numerous hotel & event management consultancy projects, over the years, so fully understand every aspect of the industry

our clients

rather than list our clients we prefer to simply say that we work for many organisations in the key sectors of finance, law, telecommunications, health and government. our customers are based throughout the country and over the past 12 months we booked over 300 events on their behalf

did you know that there really is a connection between the pineapple & our world of hospitality?

that well-known traveller christopher columbus first discovered it in guadeloupe in 1493 and it was given its name because it looked like a pine cone. people in the caribbean at that time valued the fruit highly placing it outside their homes to welcome visitors

the exotic pineapple soon crowned the most important feasts. the less wealthy hostess was even known to rent a pineapple to top her table display! and so the fruit came to symbolise the sense of welcome and the spirit of enjoyment of a social event! hence they are often seen atop gateposts of historic houses & carved into furniture etc. let us know if you see any interesting ones!

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